Our Strategy

Elekt Energy Services Ltd. was founded in 2008, with our head office in Calgary, Alberta. We have been performing electrical, automation and consulting services throughout the province for over 10 years. Our services and experience are in several different settings that include light and heavy industrial, commercial, residential and the energy sector. Our goal is to make sure your project is aesthetically pleasing, fully functional and maintain a lean budget, we call this “achieving the want” and we make this personal commitment on each project.

We carry many certifications and utilize the latest technology, products and installation methods to ensure your project is built to the highest standards. We are certified with the CaGBC (LEED), Alberta Construction Safety Association, Solar Energy Society of Alberta, and more. Our vendor neutral approach allows us to procure the best product or sub-contractor based on the application, so we can achieve the desired function at the best price.


Client Focus (want + sustainability)

-         Our goal is to ensure that the product or service being asked for meets or exceeds the client’s expectations by what we call “achieving the want”. By using time wisely in the design stage and providing continuous monitoring throughout the project we can achieve the want of the owner and its occupants. It is important that good planning, sound installation and rigorous testing of any system independently and as a group is done each time to guarantee long term functionality and viability.

Employees (teach to achieve)

-         Elekt employees are our most important asset, as a company we seek to hire individuals with aligned corporate values that are highly motivated with great problem-solving abilities. We train our individuals to the highest levels and encourage new ideas and thinking outside the norm.


-         Elekt considers the environment for each task, it is important that we provide a sustainable planet for our children and generations to come. We participate in many programs that reduce the environmental impact to our landfills and greenhouse gas emissions, and wherever possible promote and utilize renewable resources.

Community Support

-         Supporting the community is an important part for our society, we believe in giving back whenever possible. This comes in many different forms such as donations, sponsorship and volunteering.

Vendor Neutral Approach

-         We believe that achieving the want is greatly increased through proper product and vendor selection. Providing the products that serve the application brings higher satisfaction and is typically more economical.

Think and work outside the box. Disrupt the norm.

-         Without the work of many inventors, risk takers and entrepreneurs our society may very well be still stuck in the stone age. We listen to all individuals and look at possibility of turning every idea into action.